Our “Galettes”


Plain galette 2,20€
Cheese galette 3,60€
Ham and cheese 4,30€
Sausage and cheese 5,40€
Streaky bacon and cheese 5,40€
Guemene’s andouille and cheese 5,40€
Chorizo and cheese 5,40€
 Cream mushroom 4,90€


Complete (egg, cheese, ham) 5,90€
Chorizo complete (egg, cheese, chorizo) 6,40€
Mushroom complete (egg, cheese, ham, cream mushroom*) 6,90€
Super-complete (egg, cheese, ham, cream mushroom*, tomato) 7,50€


La Seguin (goat’s cheese, honey, walnut, salad) 7,90€
L’Artisanale (home-made sausage, mustard sauce*, potato crush*, salade) 8,90€
La Tome (potato crush*, streaky bacon, tome, salad) 8,90€
La Nordique (salmon, chive cream*, lemon – Between June and September) 9,50€
L’Oust (blazed Noilly Prat scallop*, cooked leeks*) 10,20€
 3 Fromages (emmental, tome, goat’s cheese, salad) 8,40€
La Forestière (home-made sausage, mushroom*, salad) 8,80€
La Bretonne (guemene’s andouille, apple*, cider jam, salad) 8,90€
 La Végétarienne (egg, cheese, potato crush*, tomato, salad) 8,40€
 La St Jacques (scallop, artichoke, chorizo, cheese) 10,20€


*home-made product