Our “Crêpes”


Sugar 2,20€
Butter and sugar 2,50€
Chocolate 3,60€
Salted butter caramel 3,60€
Jam 3,60€
Nutella 3,90€
Exotic cream 3,80€
 Honey 4,00€
Caramelized apple 4,00€


served with whipped cream

La Breizh (apple*, salted butter caramel*, caramel ice cream) 6,30€
La Banana (banana, chocolate coulis*, almond) 6,00€
La William (pear, chocolate coulis*, almond) 6,00€
La Bounty (coconut ice cream, chocolate coulis*, coconut) 6,30€
La Profiteuse (choux bun, chocolate coulis*, vanilla ice cream) 6,30€
L’Amandine (almond cream*, pear, ice cream) 6,30€
L’Intense (strawberry, raspberry ice  cream, strawberry coulis – Between June and September) 6,30€
La Caféine (crushed shortbread, coffee ice cream, salted butter caramel) 6,30€
La Passion (exotic cream*, pineapple ice cream) 6,30€
L’île aux Pies (banana and almond samossas*, vanilla ice cream, salted butter caramel*, almond) 6,80€



Grand Marnier 5,50€
Calvados 5,50€
Rhum 5,50€
Cointreau 5,50€


Specials blazed crepes

Banana, Rhum, Rhum grape ice cream 6,70€
Orange marmelade, Cointreau, Chocolate 6,70€
Apple, Honey, Calvados 6,70€

home-made product

Any extra ingredient added for 1,00€